Let you accelerate the 5 sleep habits of aging

Let you accelerate the 5 sleep habits of aging

Some women like to stay up late and even play all night long.

Although they regained consciousness the next day, the adverse consequences caused by the disorder of the biological clock are unavoidable. During the day, they may be difficult to concentrate, and they may not sleep at night.

  1, sleep with makeup: some women, especially young women do not remove makeup before going to bed.

The cosmetics on the skin are injected into the pores, causing the secretion of sweat glands, which is not only easy to cause acne, but also will damage the skin after a long time, resulting in an accelerated aging rate.

  2, with a bra to fall asleep: the bra is a protective effect on breast cancer, but wearing a bra to fall asleep causes the disease.

In particular, it stimulates breast tumors.

According to research by experts, girls who wear bras for more than 17 hours a day are more than 20 times more likely to have breast tumors than those who wear bras or bras for a short period of time.

This is because breast cancer has been under pressure for a long time, lymphatic reflux is blocked, and harmful substances are retained in the breast.

  3, with accessories to fall asleep: some women do not have the habit of picking up accessories when sleeping, which is very dangerous.

First, some ornaments are metal, long-term wear and tear on the skin, unconsciously causing chronic absorption and accumulation of poisoning (such as aluminum poisoning, etc.); Second, some ornaments with luminous effects will produce radium radiation, although the amount is weakLong-term accumulation can lead to adverse consequences; third, sleeping with accessories will hinder the circulation of the machine body, which is not good for metabolism, which is also the reason why the local skin with jewelry is prone to aging.

  4, full meal before going to bed: eat too full before going to bed, transplant should be stepped up digestion, the stomach filled with food will continue to stimulate the brain.

The brain has excitement, and people can’t sleep peacefully, suggesting that Chinese medicine says that “the stomach is not harmonious, then it is uneasy.”

  5, drunk and sleep: through the change of lifestyle, now the young women’s nightlife is rich and rich, especially the replacement of some professional women’s entertainment, often accompanied by drunken sleep.

According to medical research, drinking alcohol before going to bed is prone to suffocation, usually about 2 times a night, each time suffocating for about 10 minutes.

For a long time, people are prone to diseases such as high blood pressure and high blood pressure.