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[Will the newborn drink goat milk powder?

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Many parents now give their children some goat milk appropriately, but some parents worry that goat milk is not good for their children’s health.

It is actually very good for newborns to drink goat milk, because goat milk can be more easily absorbed by newborns than milk, and goat milk has more nutrition than milk.You can try feeding goat’s milk.

Aunt particles are small.

The volume of adult granules in goat milk is only 1/3 of milk, and it is more conducive to absorption by the human body. The baby’s long-term suffering from goat milk will not cause weight gain.

Goat milk’s aunt ball cells are small, only 1/3 of milk, unsaturated fatty acids are twice as high as milk, close to the human body.

Milk faecal cells are large, with saturated fatty acids mostly.

High nutritional content.

Goat milk has significantly more vitamins than milk.

Experts recommend that people with allergies, cardiovascular disease, bronchial inflammation or frailty, as well as infants, take it more conveniently.

Goat milk contains calcium and phosphate.

The total content of calcium and phosphorus in goat milk is 0.

85%, calcium and phosphorus content is 20% more than milk, there is no dissolution resistance between calcium and iron, calcium and iron absorption rate is high.

Less sensitizing protein.

The allergen in milk is mainly α-S1 casein, and the protein content in goat milk has dropped to 1?
3%, some processed formula can be reduced to zero.

About 5%.

Increased immunity goat milk can improve the body’s resistance to disease.

Goat milk contains the same active factor as human milk, epithelial cell growth factor (EGF), which is beneficial to the growth of epithelial cells and enhances the body’s resistance to disease.

Goat milk is rich in immunoglobulins.

Immunoglobulins are pioneers of disease resistance that antibiotics cannot replace.

Often, viruses, such as colds, flu, and pneumonia, are caused by viruses. Antibiotics cannot effectively kill the virus. On the contrary, they can bring many alternatives to the human body. Immunoglobulin can effectively eliminate the virus and protect the human body from harm.