Recitation – Japanese Fitness Law

Recitation – Japanese Fitness Law

More and more fitness people in Japan are engaged in a novel, healthy and healthy activity.

  The “Recital Correspondence Center”, which was established 10 years ago by the NHK Corporation, has provided a total of more than 42,000 counsellors with reciting skills (more than half of whom are older than 60).

Many retired old people put their recitations into tapes and sent them to the center, and then the teachers (mostly retired broadcasters and drama actors) make corrections. The recitation techniques of scholars are expected to continue to improve.

  The Tennis County Old Age Recitation Team often “goes up the mountain and go to the countryside” to perform for disabled people (especially blind people). Interestingly, the team’s most popular show is the children’s songs.

  Most blind people are sensitive to hearing, so they often have a soft spot for recitation.

  Nagoya’s “Rail Patient Recitation Team” is unparalleled in the world. It is reported that all the players have had language barriers due to cerebral thrombosis, and almost all of them are elderly people aged 70 or older. Most of the functions caused by stroke are completely lost and will not be completely lost.They don’t look like mouth-to-mouth, as appropriate, and learn from scratch!

They regained confidence and self-esteem through performances.

  The reason why Japanese people have such a special liking for recitation is because healthologists believe that recitation is like singing and has the effect of enhancing lung function; recitation helps group cooperation, thus activating social life and naturally reducing mental health.Recitation can help recitations, especially the elderly, to recall the good times and good spirits of the United States. It is self-evident; recitation is also a kind of “thinking gymnastics”, which helps the elderly to slow down the memory decline and even prevent dementia.The occurrence of the disease.