The mood of the elderly can not be deformed too much

The mood of the elderly can not be deformed too much

The elderly should maintain a happy mood, so that they have the health of their minds.

Bad mood, bad mood will cause great harm to the physiology of the body.

  Bad emotions hurt the bad mood of the elderly can cause many physical changes in the body, such as bad mood triggers your blood pressure instability, red blood cells, or heart disease.

The elderly should master and control their own mentality, because the mind is narrow, temper tantrum, excitement, high demand for people and mood changes, etc., become the predisposing factors of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases.

Uncle Liu is usually an acute child. When he heard that his grandson was bullied in the kindergarten, he suddenly went to the teacher, but he did not expect the tragedy to happen. He did not go to the door and felt soft. Going to the hospital for examination was cerebral hemorrhage.There are many people who cause cerebral vascular rupture under such anger, and may also cause myocardial infarction.

Therefore, the elderly usually have to control their emotions.

Avoid excessive mood swings.

Even mistaken for appendicitis or cholecystitis.

When you are emotional, you may cause colorectal contraction and colon allergy. Some people call it “emotional colon disease.”

In addition, unpleasant emotions can affect immune function, expand the body’s “immunological surveillance effect”, and easily lead to cancer or other diseases.

It can be seen that bad emotions are terrible.

  Be conscious of controlling your emotions.

When you are upset, you can temporarily close your eyes, imagine yourself in the natural beauty, immerse yourself in such an illusion for a few minutes, soothe and relax your emotions. When you open your eyes, your mood will suddenly open up.

You can also listen to light music or find someone to chat and soothe the angry emotions in your heart.

  In short, learning to control emotions and maintain a peaceful state of mind is very beneficial to people’s health.

A good mood is also a good condition for a sick old man to be too good.

Everyone said that people are happy and happy, but they are sick every day.

The people in this state of arrogance are relaxed, happy, cheerful, and contented. It seems that there is no trouble in the world, and all the troubles are thrown out of the clouds.

This kind of experience has reduced their sleep.

Of course, patients are not aware that they are morbid, and they are even more reluctant to see a doctor. Therefore, they should only be discovered by relatives or family members, and they should be taken to the psychiatric clinic.

  Therefore, the elderly should control their emotions and stay away from big joys and great sadness.