The market value of the huge earthquake in the A-share market evaporated 1.

1 trillion should I panic this time?

The market value of the huge earthquake in the A-share market evaporated 1.

1 trillion should I panic this time?

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  A shares have not reversed today!

  After experiencing a “scary night” on Monday in the outer disk market, the Black Swan once again instigated its wings. On Tuesday, the European and American stock markets rebounded sharply after the rebound across the board. Therefore, A shares that are not afraid of disturbing the “Deep V counterattack” are also receiving much attention today.

Surveys show that more than 50% of netizens still believe that A-shares may still stage an independent market today, and more than 60% of netizens believe that the current round of market is not over yet.

  However, today’s A-shares have experienced a wider range of fluctuations than the independent market that most investors expected.

The turnover of the two cities exceeded one trillion yuan for six consecutive days, but the amount of energy narrowed.

During the session, the early-stage attractions technology fell across the board, and the GEM fell by nearly 5%.

At the end of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index fell by nearly 1%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell more than 3%, and the Pioneering Index closed down 4%.

66%, the daily market value of A shares has evaporated by nearly 1.

1 trillion.

  In terms of sector stocks, only infrastructure stocks such as cement are weak and stubborn, and semiconductors, 5G, and cloud office that have performed strongly in the early stage are outstanding.

Among them, the 5G sector fell more than 4.

7%, the overall decline in the semiconductor sector is more than 7.


  Corresponding to the market downturn is the continued escape of smart funds, with northbound funds netting 67 today.

2.7 billion, a net decrease for 4 consecutive days.

In the meantime, among the stocks of the previous attractions, 5G leader ZTE fell nearly 8% today, and more than 1 billion main funds flowed into the stock; “bull concept stocks” Oriental Fortune fell more than 6%, and the main funds exceeded 900 million; and the war was favored by fundsBOE A, which fell 8% today, was sold off by 2.2 billion main funds.

  On the whole, although there are nearly 100 stocks in the two markets, there are also more than 90 stocks.

Today, the two cities increased by 1382 stocks and decreased by 2399 stocks. Although most of the stocks in the two cities decreased, compared to yesterday’s statistics, the number of stocks in the two cities decreased compared to yesterday.

  So, does the plunge in investor regulation mean the end of this wave of markets?

Can you consider looking at the current market?

Institutional brokers, what about the fund?

  The trend of technology stocks is ending. Jufeng Gutou believes that recently, the demand for profit-taking, the sharp decline in the external market and the large gains of technology stocks have accelerated the A-share market to a good pace, and some chips have become loose.The short-term demand for stock adjustments and stock exchanges has also increased, and the pressure on the GEM adjustment after continuous upward movement has increased.

  However, the current pattern is that the market is still in a loose environment and policy counter-cyclical adjustments continue.

The stock market has relatively abundant liquidity, and the enthusiasm for long positions has continued to increase. Market funds have entered the market obviously, at least indicating that there is no systemic risk here.

At present, with the improvement in the efficiency of foreign cities entering the country, domestic investment has gradually become the mainstream of the market.

Therefore, this also gives more room to allow stocks to play, especially relatively loose, and is also conducive to the improvement of the performance of introduced stocks.

  Beyond that, the transition of technology stocks to a good trend is over, and it is normal for short-term consolidation demand to change. Once the adjustment is over, technology stocks start again, which is also the main force for the continued growth of the GEM.

For systemic risks, it’s too early to tell!

  In addition, Rongshu Investment said that after the country’s economic momentum has transformed from a traditional industry to a new technology industry, the new technology direction contains huge investment opportunities.

The trend of automotive electrification is accelerating. Is the new energy automobile industry the future 5?
One of the most promising industries in the past 10 years; the transformation into 5G business has accelerated, 5G low latency, high bandwidth, and large connection characteristics will drive subversive changes in the C- and B-end industries; the country provides alternatives for the development of the semiconductor industryIndustry policy and financial support, the domestic replacement of software and hardware in various industries in the future will become a deterministic opportunity for China’s technology industry.

Although individual stocks in these fields have accumulated growth in the short term, the long-term growth prospects are huge, and the continued growth of future performance will gradually digest the existing overvaluation.

  After the adjustment, we pay attention to the opportunity to compensate for the recent increase, especially after the Spring Festival, the market continues to make a strong attack. Both the stock index and individual stocks have increased significantly, and 杭州桑拿网 there will definitely be a more obvious adjustment trend.

However, driven by the continued enthusiasm of the long and rising enthusiasm of the long market, the adjustment trend of the market has been repeatedly and slowly slowed down. The continuously rising individual stocks and stock indexes are only a matter of time, but the sooner it is carried outAdjustment, the operation of the stock market index is about healthy.
In the past few trading days, the external market has fallen sharply. Many investors attribute the adjustment of A shares to being subject to external pressure. In fact, it has nothing to do with the decline of the external market. We need to adjust itself. The external decline is only a guide.Just for fire.

A-shares have always been so ferocious that they have risen, and they have been cruelly fallen, as have individual stocks.
  Tianxin Investment Consulting believes that in the short term, the market is still a certain adjustment trend.

Operationally, if the previous varieties fluctuated, if there was no performance + policy support, they would reduce their positions on rallies and wait patiently for the arrival of various new layout glasses.

  Another agency believes that the Shanghai Index has been running above the half-year line for several days, the overall moving average system has been repaired, and the funds on the disk are still active.

Although the external disk has been weakening continuously, the Shanghai Stock Index has been continuously affected by too much, and the market has changed spots in time. Today, heavyweights such as infrastructure and real estate have suddenly become active, injecting new momentum into the market again.

It is necessary to pay attention to hotspot conversions, and it is recommended to treat market changes reasonably and sell high and low.

  Yuanda Information said that technology stocks have undergone adjustments due to the recent excessive increase. The main players are chips, semiconductors, and software that have experienced large price increases in the early stage. The relevant new policies support the favorable 5G and ultra-clear videos.Fund dip, in operation, both the broader market and 5G technology stocks should focus on the direction of supplementary growth. Once the end of the fundraising is over, the leading pioneer in the later period will be driven by the direction of supplementary increase to become the core.

Therefore, we must abandon high risk stocks, adjust the decline and focus on brokerage companies, 5G Huawei and other opportunities to make up for the direction!

  The brokerage suggested ignoring the short-term fluctuation fund prompting the switch signal. Huaxin Securities pointed out that the stock market has continued to maintain its strength gradually despite the fact that the Shanghai Index has not effectively fallen below the 5-day moving average.However, the next A-share market has already started a structural trend. For investors’ top priority, we will continue to focus on the medium and long-term strategic allocation and ignore short-term changes in the index.

In terms of configuration, Huaxin Securities believes that although the pharmaceutical sector will directly benefit from the epidemic in the short term, the higher prosperity in the early stage will be relatively limited by the impact of the epidemic.
The 5G industry chain, the new energy vehicle industry chain, the media, and the computer sector are still working hard to become the main driving force for the rising market in the future.

  China Everbright Securities believes that the short-term global market volatility is exacerbated by excessive and excessive panic.

Take action to recognize that international investors have previously underestimated the development of the epidemic itself, as well as the risks of the epidemic and the impact of epidemic prevention measures on the global economy, and are currently raising it.

But at least, do n’t forget that the impact of the epidemic on the economy cannot escape the periodic rules, and at the same time, you cannot reuse the hedging effect of macro policies on the impact of the epidemic.

  Some private equity institutions believe that the huge strength of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index today coincides with the sharp decline in the GEM. This has never occurred since the start of this round of the market, and it is also a relatively obvious shift signal. At present, we do not rule out technology that will hold positions.Part of the stock is switched to undervalued blue chips represented by financial real estate, but there is not much concern at present. The ChiNext may enter a period of sideways shocks, depending on the next trend decision.

  Another public offering agency stated that from the perspective of technical analysis, the trading volume has been high, and ETFs with the theme of technology have also continued to be popular, indicating that market sentiment has not subsided in a short time, so that a strong country in science and technology is a national strategy, and domestic substitution is also a long-term one.Direction, overall, technology stocks are still positive.