If you lose weight during menstruation, you will lose more and more fat.


If you lose weight during menstruation, you will lose more and more fat.

Among the outpatients with “menstrual irregularities”, it was found that most of the young girls, a female patient controlled their weight through a specific diet, usually with high-pressure soup, aloe vera, melon, lettuce and other foods, the menstrual crampsDuring the period, the grapefruit diet was more effective.

  As a result, the patient found that the amount of menstruation decreased immediately and the blood color became darker. The second month was similar, and even the abdominal pain was uncomfortable, and the whole person was lost.

Before using this method to lose weight, most of these girls did not have a history of dysmenorrhea, and the cost was unpredictable.

  When menstrual cramps, in addition to full rest, but also pay attention to nutrition, cold food such as ice, cold drinks, grapefruit, grapefruit, pear, watermelon, coconut, orange, tomato, mung bean, lotus root, cucumber, bitter gourd, loofah, melon,Chinese cabbage, white radish, etc., must be avoided or eaten as little as possible.

Usually, after the combination of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and food screening, the abdominal pain of these patients is improved.

  In addition to the specific diet weight loss method, short-term fasting method, slimming medicine slimming method, now popular is the Chinese side to lose weight.

The consequences are menstrual disorders, disrupting hormone secretion, and some people even lose weight.

The Asian Wall Street Journal recently reported that “not to be as thin as a muscle” seems to be the special psychology of the oriental women. In addition to the slimming method other than sports, there are people who try to “before and after”.

  This phenomenon was observed in outpatients.

In fact, eating less and moving is currently the only way to control weight, and shortcuts often tend to lose weight.

The regimen during the period is not difficult. For example, Western women like to take the opportunity to eat some chocolate. The Chinese long-standing longan red jujube soup, red bean soup, ginger and brown sugar are all good choices.

  Note: It is best to pay attention to the following points during menstrual exercise: 1.

Reduce the amount of exercise: It is advisable to participate in some sports that are usually practiced regularly, such as jogging, gymnastics, boxing, table tennis, shooting and other sports.


Shorten the exercise time and slow down to reduce the amount of exercise and relax the muscles.


Avoid participating in competitions and shocking excessive sports: During the menstrual period, it is not advisable to participate in sports such as high jump, long jump, 100 meters running and football. It is also not suitable for push-ups, dumbbells and other strength exercises to increase abdominal pressure, so as to avoid excessive bleeding during menstruation orThe position of the uterus changes.


Avoid participating in various water sports: Do not participate in diving, swimming and water polo sports; do not wash cold water baths and wash feet with cold water to avoid infection and menstrual disorders.


Avoid competitive competition: Participating in these sports during menstruation is prone to endocrine dysfunction due to high mental stress and menstrual disorders.

  Therefore, an appropriate amount of exercise during menstruation is possible, and if there is a small amount of exercise in the weight loss plan, it can be carried out.