Doing the four principles of health in the spring and saying goodbye to the spring

Doing the four principles of health in the spring and saying goodbye to the spring

Health, spring revitalization, yang qi, so spring health should pay attention to protect the yang.

In the nature of nature, spring is a wood, and in the five elements of the liver is also a wood, so spring liver and liver protection is particularly important.

In the theoretical system of Chinese medicine, the liver is venting, and it is anger, depression and joy.

Therefore, in the spring, don’t be too angry, don’t over-guess and have melancholy emotions.

The spring weather is pleasant. We Chinese people like to eat health from the aspects of diet and living. How to maintain health?

Let’s take a look at several aspects of spring health.

In spring, the spring climate is very good, but the climate change in spring is also very big. When it is cold for a while, the body’s resistance to cold evil will decrease. Therefore, in spring, we should not be tooTake off your thick clothes early, especially those who are old and weak, and you shouldn’t take your clothes down.

In the spring, you should try to get up early and get up early in the morning. In the morning, you can participate in the activities of the conference room and stretch your muscles.

I hope that my physiology will be harmonious and I will be full every day.

In the spring health diet, you can eat more warm yang food and less sour food on the spring diet.

Because the liver is the main spring, the five flavors, the sour taste into the liver, has a convergent effect, which is not conducive to the growth of yang.

Therefore, in the spring, we must pay attention to diet and nutrition, should eat more sweet, less acid.

In the spring, our metabolism is also relatively strong, so the diet can also eat a little spicy and light food.

In the spring diet, it is also a less medicated diet, mainly for eating light food.

The spring temperature rise in spring health is relatively fast, so we should participate in outdoor activities at this time, which can speed up the circulation of our human blood and help promote the operation of blood.

We often say that we go out in the spring, go out and do some relaxation exercises, such as flying kites, walking, jogging, playing Tai Chi, etc. These are very good for health.

Also, when the spring is in motion, we must pay attention to the fact that it is not suitable for too acute exercise. It is not suitable for sweating and panting. Because it will consume yang, it is very unfavorable for health.

How to raise the liver in spring health We have already learned that spring is a wood, and dare to correspond.

Therefore, spring health is mainly to raise the liver.

In the spring, when you raise the liver, you should keep your mood comfortable and prevent the liver from rising. This is good for the growth of yang.

Protecting the liver in the spring can eat more divergent Xingan foods. For example, we often eat leek, onions, rapeseed, coriander, white radish, cabbage, spinach, celery and other foods.

There are also foods like tofu, kelp, straw mushroom, enoki mushroom, and coix seed, which are very good ingredients.

In the spring, we should be open-minded, optimistic, and maintain a state of mind, which will help us protect the liver in the spring.

In the usual weekends, you can go outdoors and do some soothing exercise.