Chongyang Festival is approaching, please take care of the health strategy, it is worth forwarding!

Chongyang Festival is approaching, please take care of the health strategy, it is worth forwarding!

Tomorrow is the 9th day of the Lunar New Year, the Double Ninth Festival, I wish the old man a healthy and long life, happy and healthy!

Introduction to the Double Ninth Festival The Double Ninth Festival is also known as the Nine Festivals, the Autumn Festival, and “Stepping in the Autumn”.

Because “Jiujiu” and “long time” are the same, nine is the largest number in the number, and has the meaning of longevity and longevity, so the ancients believed that the Double Ninth Festival is a geeful day worth celebrating.

The custom of the Double Ninth Festival is cool, and the fragrance of Dangui is fragrant. The festival of Chongyang on the 9th day of the lunar calendar is rich in activities and fun. There are ascending, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chow, and rice dumplings.

Ascend: The disaster-stricken fitness Chung Yeung Festival first has the custom of ascending. On this day, all relatives must climb together to “avoid disasters”.

In the golden autumn of September, the sky is high and the air is high. This season, ascending to the future, you can achieve the purpose of being relaxed and happy.

In the place that is waiting, there are no special regulations, generally it is to climb the mountain and climb the tower.

Sacrifice ancestor: Xie Enqiu Chongyang Festival, and New Year’s Eve, Ching Ming Festival, Zhongyuan Festival are collectively referred to as the festival of the four traditional Chinese ancestors.

However, the worship of the Double Ninth Festival is due to the harvest of the crops, the ancestors of the ancestors, and pray for the ancestors to bless, so the atmosphere is relaxed and happy, there will be no grief like “Pedestrians want to break the soul.”

Respect for the elderly: The statutory old age festival is also the Chinese elderly festival. People should express their respect for the elderly and advocate the whole society to establish a culture of respecting the elderly, respecting the elderly, loving the old and helping the elderly.

On May 20, 2006, the Double Ninth Festival was listed by the State Council as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

The new Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly, which was officially implemented in 2013, clearly stipulates that the first day of the lunar calendar in September is the Old Age.

Sun-baked: Celebrating the harvest of the Double Ninth Festival is the best time to enjoy the autumn. Some mountain villages in southern China retain the characteristics of “sun-baked autumn”.

“Sun-autumn” is a typical phenomenon of farming. In the mountainous villages, due to the complex terrain and few village flats, they have to use the roofs of the houses and the roof sills of their homes to hang and hang crops.

Appreciation of Chrysanthemum: The meaning of longevity chrysanthemum is the flower of longevity, and it is also a symbol of the literati praise for the unyielding.

Chongyang is also known as the Chrysanthemum Festival, and the appreciation of chrysanthemum has become an important part of the custom of the Double Ninth Festival.

The lunar calendar is commonly known as the Chrysanthemum in September, and the chrysanthemum meeting of the festival celebrations.

Beijing people daisy chrysanthemum sticks on the doors and windows, “to lift the evil, to recruit auspicious.”

Pei: The evil spirits of Qi Ji believe that the September 9th is also the day of the murder, and the disaster is more difficult. Therefore, in the Double Ninth Festival, people like to admire the evil spirits.

Therefore, it is also known as “the evil spirits.”

The scent is strong, and it can be worn to avoid evil deworming, hurricane and cold.

As a traditional Chinese medicine, the medlar meat is sour, sputum, and mildly warm. It can be used for complications such as dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knee pain, internal heat and thirst.

Chrysanthemum wine in the Double Ninth Festival: Yiyin Zishen Chongyang Festival is the golden autumn season of the year, and the chrysanthemums are in full bloom.

However, the ancients did not just enjoy the chrysanthemum, they would drink with chrysanthemum.

Ancient chrysanthemum wine was specially made for the second year of the Double Ninth Festival during the first year of the Chung Yeung Festival.

Chrysanthemum wine has the medicinal value of clearing away heat and detoxifying, clearing the eye, calming the liver and soothing the lungs, and benefiting the kidney and nourishing the kidney.

Eating Chongyang cake: step by step in the custom of Chongyang, eating Chongyang cake is an indispensable one, because the “cake” and “high” homophonic, the living standard of the righteousness rises step by step, symbolizing the joy and good for the family.

Chongyang Festival steamed heavy cake is mainly to honor the elderly.

When the old man eats the double-yang cake, he will not suffer from backache, so he has to give the old man a heavy cake every year, so that the old man’s waist is strong and good.

Eat lamb noodles: Yiqi tonic Xiaoyang Festival to eat lamb noodles.

“Yang” and “Yang” homophonic, should be the code of Chongyang.

Face to eat white noodles, “white” is the “hundred” word to remove the “one” on the top, there are one hundred minus one for the meaning of ninety-nine, in order to “nine nine” code.

The mutton is warm, the qi is tonic, the warmth is warm, the spleen is thin, the waist and knees are sore, and the five labors are seven injuries.

Eat in autumn and winter, can be used to supplement the double effect of cold protection.

The guidelines for the health of the Double Ninth Festival: eating acid, moistening dryness for the autumn, easy to hurt Tianjin consumption; at the same time, autumn is particularly prone to respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, bronchial ulcers, rhinitis, etc., for the elderly with low immunityin this way.

Coping with autumn dryness, you should eat less onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, etc., eat more sour fruits, vegetables and food to nourish the liver.

Living: Sleeping in the wind is the highlight of health.

Breeze in the autumn night, it is easy to be attacked by the “thief wind”, causing disease upper body.Therefore, at this time, when you fall asleep, you must avoid the wind and lie down.

Tonic: Avoid blind seasoning is the season of tonic, many old people at this time “post autumn”.

However, I remind you that you must make up for your specific situation. Many traditional Chinese medicine supplements are very stressful and cold. You must make sure you can take it before taking it.

Psychology: The mood is cheerful and the autumn flowers and trees are dying. The elderly are very easy to touch the situation, producing melancholy, irritability, desolateness, and coveted feeling, which will accelerate the physiological aging rate and cause various diseases.

Here to remind everyone, pay attention to keep a good mood, talk to family and friends, don’t be sad and sad.

When the time is heavy, I will send this article to my family, old friends, old classmates, old comrades, old colleagues!

Pray for more elderly people to be happy and happy: to enjoy the appreciation of Chrysanthemum, and to be happy!

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