Keep away from the mouse hand and keep in mind five numbers

Keep away from the “mouse hand” and keep in mind five numbers

Miss Chen, because of the long-term use of the computer, has been plagued by “mouse hand” for several years. The joints are cold and numb, and the hands can’t be lifted. I can only wear gloves and a bread to “warm the baby”.Nowadays, because of the popularity of electronic products, more and more people are plagued by “mouse hands”, their wrists are numb, sore, stiff, and sometimes even slightly twisted when turning their wrists. although the mouse hand is not a serious illness, it can hurtIt is “true”.
How should the “mouse hand” be prevented?
  According to orthopaedic experts, because the mouse is incorrect or used for a long time, the soft tissue such as the median nerve and the surrounding vascular tendon of the wrist of the wrist will be squeezed, and the wrist, numbness, stiffness and other symptoms similar to the carpal tunnel syndrome will appear.This is what everyone often calls “mouse hand.”
The sick population is more common in accounting, designers, journalists and other working people who cannot do without computers.
  Keep away from the “mouse hand” and keep in mind 5 “numbers” “1 hour” Avoid using the mouse for a long time. It is recommended to get up and relax every hour during the work, and do some finger stretching and twisting.
  ”5 minutes” In the spare time, 5 minutes of massage every day, Waiguan points, Neiguan points, is also a good way to help ease the “mouse hand”.
The Waiguan point is located two inches above the transverse stripes of the wrist, and the ulna and the tibia are in the middle.
The Neiguan point is located at the center of the palm of the hand and the horizontal line is about three fingers wide.
  The “15mm” mouse pad should not be too thin or too thick, between 8-15 mm.
  “37°C” It is also important to keep your hands warm.
Use less cold water to wash your hands in daily life, so as not to stimulate the tendon and induce a “mouse hand.”
It is recommended to wash your hands with warm water above 37 °C.
  “100g” For those who have long relied on the mouse to work, it is recommended to select a wired mouse that weighs less than 100 grams to reduce wrist strength.
  Preventing the mouse hand can also do a “small action” Ten-finger cross: sitting in the office chair, hands and palms, fingers and fingers interlocking, carry out hand movements such as pulling, twisting, etc. or put some warm water in the basin to carry out this actionCan better promote blood circulation.
  Pickpocket: Use one hand’s palm to rub the back of the other hand’s hand. After half a minute, change your hands and alternate your hands.
From the fingertips of the back of the hand to the wrist, feel the palms are slightly hot.