Winter health that makes you no longer cold

Winter health that makes you no longer cold

Improve the body’s ability to resist cold ability. In the morning, sleep in the bed: sleep early to raise yang, and ensure adequate sleep in winter, it is beneficial to yang stagnation, yin and stagnation, improve the body’s ability to resist disease and cold.

  2, more exercise and more sweat: outdoor activities can promote the production, regulate metabolism, enhance cerebral cortex excitement and body temperature regulation.

The exercise method depends on your physique and age.

  3, Qiao Jin to support the body: winter should be the season of raising the kidney, the winter tonic health care body is stronger, less sick.

Those with yang deficiency may choose mutton, chicken, etc.; those who suffer from qi and blood may eat goose, duck and so on.

If you are not suitable for cold, you can use medlar, red dates, fungus, black sesame and so on.

  4, protect the feet warm all over the body: the feet are cold and easy to cause colds, abdominal pain, low back pain, etc., so pay special attention to the feet to keep warm.

Insist on using hot water to soak your feet every day, it is best to stimulate your feet at the same time; walk for half an hour every day; stick to your feet and promote blood circulation.

  5, drink hot tea to raise yang: in winter, tea is suitable for black tea, black tea is warm, can raise human body yang, enhance the body’s ability to resist cold.

  In addition, in the winter, do not remember to drink porridge in the diet can also prevent cold, for the living room should be open windows to ventilate, it can also improve the body’s ability to resist cold.

  Healthy living in winter should be far from the four misunderstandings. The thicker the clothes, the warmer the winter season. The more you wear, the warmer the body.

The role of wearing clothes is to isolate the cold air and keep the body warm.

Clothes are too thick and too thick, which will affect the body’s metabolism and blood circulation, making people feel cold.

Some people sleep in thick clothes in winter, but they are neither warm nor healthy.

  Misunderstanding 2, warm body and cold to eat hot pot winter cold, eat hot pot, all over the body heat, warm and comfortable.

However, some people in winter are still far from hot pot.

If the mouth is dry, the hands and feet are hot, the stool is dry and other yin deficiency, you should eat less or not eat hot pot.

  Misunderstanding three, air conditioning temperature is high, comfortable “air conditioning disease” is not only in summer, but also in winter.

In the winter, the air-conditioned room is prone to nasal congestion, dry mouth, and headache.

Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, it is easy to feel cold.

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should be kept away from air conditioning.

  Misunderstanding 4, morning exercise must be “early early” winter should go to bed early and late, sleep early to raise yang, nourish yin in the evening.

Therefore, winter morning exercises should not be too early.

If the temperature is too low in the morning, it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. It is best to wait until the sun comes out to exercise.

In particular, it should be noted that in the foggy days of winter, the air quality is extremely poor, and it is necessary to avoid morning exercises in the foggy days.

  Winter Chinese medicine diet tonic winter diet should not be sticky, cold, because this kind of food is yin, easy to make the body yang damage, diet should be based on “complement”.

It is better to use stewing in the supplement method, and the stewing time is long, which is beneficial to nutrient digestion and absorption, and can also be added to the medicine to enhance the effect.

When stewing, you can add some high-content, high-protein foods according to your personal body quality: Lamb: It is very suitable to eat mutton in winter, because the mutton is warm and can transform the human body.

Chinese medicine said that it is a good nourishing and strong food for helping Yuanyang, replenishing blood, treating lung deficiency, and benefiting from strain.

  Goose meat: Since ancient times, there has been a slogan of “drinking goose soup, eating goose meat, not coughing all year round”.

Eat goose soup, goose meat, you can put in a cough, but also help the five internal organs.

  Duck meat: In addition to eating some foods that can supplement yang in winter, you should also pay attention to nourishing yin. Duck meat is rich in nutrients. It is a nourishing and wonderful product. It is especially eaten by people who have heat in the body, especially those who are low-grade, weak, and eat less.For people with constipation and edema, eating duck meat is most beneficial.

  In winter, it is easy to overdo it, especially for patients with chronic diseases. Therefore, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables, and add enough water to prevent blood from concentrating and thickening.

Except for winter fruits in the winter, you can mainly eat apples.