If the fish is wrong, it may cause fatal illness.

If the fish is wrong, it may cause fatal illness.

As the saying goes, “The meat is not as good as poultry, and the poultry is not as good as fish.”

Because of its deliciousness and nutrition, fish has always been a popular food.

When the ancestors made words, they attributed the word “fresh” to the “fish” department, and regarded the fish as the “fresh” best. The various ways of eating and renovating the dishes made the fish highly sought after.

The benefits of eating fish are harmful, but food can not be ruined, it will also cause harm to human health, and even cause fatal diseases.

Take a quick look at a few common mistakes and take precautions.


hzh {display: none; }  1.Raw fish fillets have “hepatic fluke disease” Many people like the fresh and delicious sashimi, but they do not know that raw fish fillets are very unfavorable to the liver, easily infected with liver fluke and even induce liver cancer.

  According to experts in nutrition and health, hepatic biliary disease is mainly caused by hepatobiliary disease. It is mainly a parasitic disease. People are infected by eating raw or partially cooked freshwater fish and shrimps and freshwater snails containing live sputum.The odds are extremely high. At present, there are millions of patients with liver fluke in Guangdong alone, many of whom are infected with raw fish and shrimp.

  Its clinical symptoms are fatigue, upper abdominal discomfort, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, liver pain, hepatomegaly, dizziness, etc., severe infection can cause liver cirrhosis and even death in the advanced stage.


Eating fish on an empty stomach may cause “gout” in today’s day of weight loss. Too many people like to eat only food and not eat. It is commonplace to eat fish on an empty stomach, but it is likely to cause gout attacks.

Gout is a disease caused by an increase in blood uric acid caused by a disorder of prostaglandin metabolism.

  The lower purity of the fish itself, if the fasting of a large amount of fish containing sputum, but not enough free radicals to decompose, the body’s acid-base balance will be imbalanced, easy to induce gout or aggravate the condition of patients with gout.


Good to eat fish gallbladder detoxification is not anti-poisoning fish gallbladder is a traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is commonly used to treat eye red gallbladder, throat, malignant sores.

  The folks also rumored that eating fish gallbladder can clear away heat and detoxify, and clear eyes and cough, so even the fish is bitter, and there are always people who are eager to try.

Excellent eating of fish gall, extremely dangerous, can easily lead to poisoning and even life-threatening.

  Experts pointed out that the bile of fish contains highly toxic toxins such as sodium sterol sulfate. These toxins are heat-resistant and are not destroyed by alcohol. Therefore, no matter whether the fish is cooked or cooked,Or use alcohol to serve, poisoning may occur.

  The incidence of fish gallbladder poisoning is fast, the condition is sinister, and the mortality rate is high.

Poisoned patients with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, severe cases of liver enlargement, jaundice, liver pain, oliguria or anuria, kidney pain and other symptoms, if the rescue is not timely, can cause liverKidney failure until death.

  The degree of poisoning in patients is generally related to the bile of fish bile, so the gallbladder that swallows biting fish is more susceptible to poisoning.


Live killing of residual pesticides harms the body. Most people think that the freshest the fish is, the better, so they like to eat and eat now, and think that this can ensure the freshness and nutrition of the fish.

But this is actually a misunderstanding.

Whether it is artificially reared fish or wild fish, the body contains certain toxic substances.

  Live killing is now eaten. The toxic substances in the fish are often too late to be completely eliminated. The parasites and bacteria on the fish are not completely dead. These residual toxins are likely to be harmful to the body.

  In addition, the live fish protein is not completely decomposed, the nutrients are not sufficient, and the taste is not the best.

  It is undeniable that fish is indeed a good health food, but it is really good for your health to have a fish.

  Is eating fish on an empty stomach waste protein?

  There is now a saying that “fasting fish eats protein” on the grounds that when the body needs energy, it must break down proteins because there are not enough impurities.

Do not eat starchy foods, eat a lot of protein-consuming food on an empty stomach, protein will be wasted, and it is not conducive to digestive health.

  This is a very one-sided statement.

First, we need to understand the role of protein in the human body.

1, for the synthesis of muscle tissue of the human body; 2, for the synthesis of functional substances in the body, such as antibodies, biological enzymes, complements, etc. in the body are proteins; 3, for energy metabolism, supply to the body needs.

Of course, the protein we get from food is mainly used for the first two functions, but in the body energy consumption, the sugar, slightly consumed excessively, will naturally consume part of the protein, otherwise the lack of energy will cause more seriousdamage.
Therefore, from the perspective of protecting the body function, even for energy consumption, it cannot be called waste protein.

  In fact, the consumption of protein needs to consider the degree of fasting.If you may feel fasting or a little hungry, the body will not consume much protein.

When we are only hungry, our body consumes mainly glycogen stored.

Can normal people’s glycogen storage be maintained at 3?
6 hours of energy is needed. At this time, I feel a slight obesity and take in protein. Protein is not consumed by energy, that is, it is not wasted.

  Third, the most important thing is that we must understand that eating fish on an empty stomach will “was waste protein.” This is too naive, and it does not understand the metabolism of the human body at all.

The metabolism of the human body is programmed, and the absorbed protein is first distributed to the liver, and then distributed to various tissues and organs to synthesize, and other parts of the amino acid library in the human body composed of amino acids decomposed by the body itself.

Even if the body’s energy is insufficient, the absorbed protein is first used in the synthesis of the body, and then decomposed, rather than absorbed, to break down. This cannot replace waste.

  In fact, the real waste of protein should be to replace the excess protein.

The human body has limited use of protein. It can be used for synthesis without supplementation. Moreover, the human body does not have a storage function for excess protein. The excess protein is metabolized and finally discharged from the urine. This is a waste of protein.
Not only that, excessive protein metabolism is excreted through the kidneys, which increases the pressure on the kidneys and causes chronic damage to kidney function.