Ten good habits before going to bed, stay away from insomnia, dream till dawn

Ten good habits before going to bed, stay away from insomnia, dream till dawn

Lead: As the pressure of urban life is getting bigger and bigger, many people have no spirit during the day and can’t sleep at night.

In the long run, it will seriously endanger health and accelerate aging.

For those of you who are insomnia, when you can’t sleep, is it “counting sheep” or is it over and over?

In fact, as long as you stick to the ten good habits before going to sleep, you can feel the dawn.

Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

  Good sleep is the foundation of good body, especially for women.

Insufficient sleep can affect normal life, study and work, and even endanger your health.

So what is the solution to the problem of insomnia?

Insist on developing ten small habits before going to bed, not only can solve various sleep problems, no longer worry about sleeping well, but also help you delay aging.

  Hot water soaking feet.

The foot is the farthest part from the heart. It is not easy to get oxygen and blood. It is good to use the warm water to soak a foot before going to bed. It is good for promoting blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.

  If you can develop the foot wash with warm water (40 ° C -50 ° C) before going to bed every day, massage the foot and toe habits, can promote the operation of blood and blood, Shujin active.

For the elderly, the effectiveness of rickets fitness is ruled out.

  Drink a cup of honey milk.

The ancient folks circulated such a sentence: “Changchao salt soup, girlfriends.

“It means drinking salt water early and drinking honey water in the evening.”

According to research by foreign medical experts, milk contains tryptophan that promotes sleep. Drinking a cup of honey with a honey 1 hour before going to bed can help sleep.

  Honey helps maintain blood sugar balance throughout the night, thus avoiding early waking.

Or eat root bananas, bananas also contain tryptophan, tryptophan helps to improve sleep quality.

Recitation – Japanese Fitness Law

Recitation – Japanese Fitness Law

More and more fitness people in Japan are engaged in a novel, healthy and healthy activity.

  The “Recital Correspondence Center”, which was established 10 years ago by the NHK Corporation, has provided a total of more than 42,000 counsellors with reciting skills (more than half of whom are older than 60).

Many retired old people put their recitations into tapes and sent them to the center, and then the teachers (mostly retired broadcasters and drama actors) make corrections. The recitation techniques of scholars are expected to continue to improve.

  The Tennis County Old Age Recitation Team often “goes up the mountain and go to the countryside” to perform for disabled people (especially blind people). Interestingly, the team’s most popular show is the children’s songs.

  Most blind people are sensitive to hearing, so they often have a soft spot for recitation.

  Nagoya’s “Rail Patient Recitation Team” is unparalleled in the world. It is reported that all the players have had language barriers due to cerebral thrombosis, and almost all of them are elderly people aged 70 or older. Most of the functions caused by stroke are completely lost and will not be completely lost.They don’t look like mouth-to-mouth, as appropriate, and learn from scratch!

They regained confidence and self-esteem through performances.

  The reason why Japanese people have such a special liking for recitation is because healthologists believe that recitation is like singing and has the effect of enhancing lung function; recitation helps group cooperation, thus activating social life and naturally reducing mental health.Recitation can help recitations, especially the elderly, to recall the good times and good spirits of the United States. It is self-evident; recitation is also a kind of “thinking gymnastics”, which helps the elderly to slow down the memory decline and even prevent dementia.The occurrence of the disease.

Taboo of medicinal liquor

Taboo of medicinal liquor

Medicinal wine is not a universal treatment, it has its scope of application, and it has its own taboo.

The ancient saying: “Water can carry a boat, you can also retake the boat.”

The relationship between medicinal liquor and health, the philosophy of pre-existing ancient training.

The applicable drink benefits, and vice versa, the right amount of substitutes benefit, and too many repeaters suffer.

Therefore, it is appropriate to remember.

  The wine itself is a medicine, it can also cure the disease, and it can be used together with the medicine. The medicine borrows the wine potential and the wine helps the medicine, which is especially effective, and the scope of application is continuously expanded.

Because medicinal liquor has the effects of preventing and curing diseases, health care, and longevity, it has been welcomed.

There are about 110 million total drinkers, and about 12.5 billion kilograms of wine per year. It is a big drinking country.

However, if it is not appropriate to accept or accept it improperly, it will be counterproductive.

Therefore, it is especially important to drink alcohol in moderation and pay attention to the various taboos of adding wine and medicinal liquor.

  1.Do not overdo it, drink less.

When taking medicinal liquor or drinking wine, it should be reasonable and appropriate according to the tolerance of the person. Do not drink too much, so as to avoid dizziness, vomiting, palpitations and other adverse reactions.

Even supplemental medicinal wines should not be served more. If you take more ginseng supplements, you can cause chest and abdomen to swell and not think about eating. If you take more velvet-filled remedies, you can cause fever, irritability, and even snoring.Nose bleeding) and other symptoms.

  2.People who are not suitable for drinking can’t drink.

Any medicinal liquor or drinking wine is not suitable for anyone. If it is not applicable, it is forbidden to drink.

For example, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should not take medicinal liquor, nor should they take glucose.

Old and infirm, because the metabolic function is relatively slow, the alternative medicine should also be reduced, it is not appropriate to drink more.

  3.You should choose medicinal liquor according to your condition and you should not drink it.

Every medicinal wine has a range of adaptation, and you can’t drink alcohol.

In case of complications such as cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., it is necessary to replace the medicinal liquor, and it is not advisable to absorb nourishing medicinal liquor.

  4.Not expected to drink alcohol, can not drink.

For chronic nephritis.

Chronic renal insufficiency, chronic colitis and hepatitis, cirrhosis, digestive system ulcers, invasive or cavitary tuberculosis, epilepsy, cardiac insufficiency, hypertension, etc., drinking alcohol, even medicinal wine is not appropriate, so as not to aggravateCondition.

However, it is not absolute. Some invest in targeted low-grade medicinal liquors, which are neither obstructive nor beneficial.

But also use it with caution.

In addition, people who are allergic to alcohol or certain skin diseases should also supplement or use medicinal liquor with caution.

  5.Topical medicinal liquor, can not be taken orally.

Where medicinal liquor for external use is prescribed, oral administration is prohibited.

The mood of the elderly can not be deformed too much

The mood of the elderly can not be deformed too much

The elderly should maintain a happy mood, so that they have the health of their minds.

Bad mood, bad mood will cause great harm to the physiology of the body.

  Bad emotions hurt the bad mood of the elderly can cause many physical changes in the body, such as bad mood triggers your blood pressure instability, red blood cells, or heart disease.

The elderly should master and control their own mentality, because the mind is narrow, temper tantrum, excitement, high demand for people and mood changes, etc., become the predisposing factors of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases.

Uncle Liu is usually an acute child. When he heard that his grandson was bullied in the kindergarten, he suddenly went to the teacher, but he did not expect the tragedy to happen. He did not go to the door and felt soft. Going to the hospital for examination was cerebral hemorrhage.There are many people who cause cerebral vascular rupture under such anger, and may also cause myocardial infarction.

Therefore, the elderly usually have to control their emotions.

Avoid excessive mood swings.

Even mistaken for appendicitis or cholecystitis.

When you are emotional, you may cause colorectal contraction and colon allergy. Some people call it “emotional colon disease.”

In addition, unpleasant emotions can affect immune function, expand the body’s “immunological surveillance effect”, and easily lead to cancer or other diseases.

It can be seen that bad emotions are terrible.

  Be conscious of controlling your emotions.

When you are upset, you can temporarily close your eyes, imagine yourself in the natural beauty, immerse yourself in such an illusion for a few minutes, soothe and relax your emotions. When you open your eyes, your mood will suddenly open up.

You can also listen to light music or find someone to chat and soothe the angry emotions in your heart.

  In short, learning to control emotions and maintain a peaceful state of mind is very beneficial to people’s health.

A good mood is also a good condition for a sick old man to be too good.

Everyone said that people are happy and happy, but they are sick every day.

The people in this state of arrogance are relaxed, happy, cheerful, and contented. It seems that there is no trouble in the world, and all the troubles are thrown out of the clouds.

This kind of experience has reduced their sleep.

Of course, patients are not aware that they are morbid, and they are even more reluctant to see a doctor. Therefore, they should only be discovered by relatives or family members, and they should be taken to the psychiatric clinic.

  Therefore, the elderly should control their emotions and stay away from big joys and great sadness.

三 Three Urgent, throwing out the cancer crisis

三 “Three Urgent”, throwing out the cancer crisis

When things came, not only did the time for eating and sleeping go to the side, but even the “three urgents” in the body often “bear and endure.”
In some special cases, breast milk, sputum, etc. have become the “difficult words” of everyone.
  [憋尿]–Beware of uremia!
  When the storage space of the bladder reaches a certain limit, it will be exploding, causing serious consequences. If the urine is excessively retained and exceeds the bladder’s reserves, it will return to the ureter. If it takes a long time, it may cause uremia, the bladder sphincter.It will also become slack.
Therefore, once people have a sense of urine, they must be excreted in time.
  [憋便]–Beware of colon cancer!
  It is a bad habit. The stool is not discharged in time, and the water is repeatedly absorbed by the intestines, causing the stool to dry out.
Toxins in the stool accumulate in the body for too long, harmful substances are absorbed by the intestines, and symptoms such as lack of spirit, lack of dizziness, loss of appetite, etc. may occur; in severe cases, intestinal cancer may be caused.
  [憋屁]–Beware of intestinal inflammation!
  If you are awkward, these harmful substances can not be discharged, and will be repeatedly absorbed by the intestinal mucosa, resulting in chest tightness, bloating and other symptoms.
Frequent fart, the body will form chronic poisoning, resulting in mental fatigue, indigestion, dizziness and sallow complexion.
  [憋气]–A long time is easy to suffocate!
  If the time of hernia is too long, it will cause symptoms such as dizziness and chest tightness, so it is best for the elderly to exercise less.
With the increase of age, the elderly will become weaker and weaker, and the body’s ability to withstand all aspects will be weakened. The suffocation will affect the balance of breathing, so that the inhaled oxygen can not enter the blood normally, causing imbalance in the body’s oxygen supply.
  [憋乳]–Beware of breast cancer!
  Bao’s nutritional products are not toxic in nature, but because the female nipples communicate with the outside air, if too much milk is not discharged in time, harmful substances such as harmful gases or bacteria will invade the breast and cause bacterial infection.It can even lead to acute mastitis.
  [憋精]–Beware of loss of sexual function!
  If you have sex for a long time because of busy work, etc., it will aggravate the symptoms of endocrine disorders, leading to decreased sexual function.
If the semen accumulates in the seminal vesicle for a long time, the testicle will be subjected to “high pressure” for a long time, which may cause loss of spermatogenic ability, and gradually lead to testicular atrophy, loss of sexual function, backache, leg weakness, fatigue, insomnia, and depression.A series of physical symptoms such as memory loss and skin aging are also linked.