There are 5 ways for boys to go to blackheads.

There are 5 ways for boys to go to blackheads.

1, squeezing blackheads, also known as blackheads, is an open acne (the surface of the sebum inserted into the pores is directly exposed to the outside, in contact with air, dust in the air).

It is caused by the oxidation of skin oil in the air.

Blackheads are common in adolescents during puberty, and occur in the face, the chest and back, especially the small blackheads of the nose, which are characterized by a marked enlargement of the black spots in the pores.

Blackheads are primarily a “plug” of sebum, cell debris and bacteria that form at the opening of the hair follicle.

In addition to the dust, dirt and oxidation in the air, the end of the contact with the air gradually darkened, so I got such a less elegant title – blackhead.

Blackhead is a hardened oil residue that usually appears on the forehead, nose, etc. of the face. When the oil adenosine is excessively irritated and the pores are filled with excess oil and cause splitting, there is often a greasy feeling on the nose and its surrounding parts.

These oils will eventually harden and become black dots after oxidation. These small spots are the oil impurities of the blackheads that are blocked.

Usually people with long acne and blackheads have rough skin and large pores. There are a lot of grease particles blocking the open pores, and there is a hard sputum inside the skin, which is repeatedly repeated into acne.Seriously there will be uneven conditions.

Squeezing to blackheads has a great potential. It is very pleasant when a hard fat granule is pulled out, but it will be inflamed if it is not well squeezed, or leave a red mark.

Generally, the blackheads are squeezed and squeezed with acne needles. In order to make the oil granules easy to come out, the blackheads can be squeezed out by first exfoliating and then applying the mask to make the pores smooth and soft.

Advantages: very thorough shortcomings: easy to inflame 2, nasal paste removal blackheads removal of blackheads is a physical solution, the blackheads can be pulled out of the pores by adhesion, the most common is a variety of nasal stickers.

After bathing or using a towel to heat the cleaned face, let the keratin soften, and put the sticky nose on the pores when the skin is not dry, wait until the nose is completely dry and start to harden, then from the bottomWhen the admiral of the nose is revealed, it will be found that many blackheads have been pulled out.

After using it, remember to shrink the pores with a toner with astringent effect or shrink with cold water.

Advantages: direct force and no damage. Disadvantages: it will cause the pores to relax and become larger. If it does not converge in time, blackheads will appear. 3. Deep cleansing mask to blackhead deep cleansing mask generally has the function of removing blackhead, because deep cleansing can generally remove the stratum corneum.Therefore, the grease particles stuck inside can be discharged relatively smoothly.

Moreover, some deep cleansing masks contain kaolin, and adsorption functions such as activated carbon can also adsorb blackheads out of the skin surface rather than deep in the pores.

To keep the blackheads small, keeping the pores clear is a fundamental problem, so many people will find that although using a deep cleansing mask, the blackheads can’t be removed a lot, but they are used continuously and slowly, and the blackheads grow slowly.

Advantages: no stimulation of pores, no damage.

Disadvantages: The effect of going to the black is not obvious enough, and the effect is slow.

4, the solution to blackheads on the surface of some blackheads produced by the application of fumigation to make blackhead emulsified soft and easy to discharge from the pores, it is more troublesome to use.

Many beauty salons offer this service.

In fact, the use of cleansing oil plus massage can also apply the effect of softening blackheads to remove blackheads.

Advantages: The blackening effect is obvious and basically no damage.

Disadvantages: It takes a long time, and the skin will dry out when used up.

5, the most common method to go to blackhead skin care cosmetics is to use skin care cosmetics to remove blackheads.

Since the formation of blackheads is mainly caused by oxidation of the sebum surface layer of the capillary hair, it is characterized by coarse pores and blackening of the tip.

Therefore, it is possible to find some products that are degreased, such as the blackhead Q1 soap, which can solve most of the blackheads.

Obviously, in the case of using cosmetics, special attention is paid to skin allergies.

If you experience skin irritation and itching during the use of cosmetics, you should stop using it immediately, rinse with plenty of water, and seek medical advice promptly.